Online pharmacy is catching the attention of millions of people throughout the world as they offer shoppers convenience and easy access to prescription drugs and its generic versions. For the convenience of the people, many reputed online pharmacy have licensed medical practitioner working with them, so they offer online prescription, free online consultation along with 24/7 customer care service so that you can call them at any time in case of emergency. Consumers must be aware of the possible problems associated with obtaining an online medication, or purchasing a drug from online pharmacies.

With today’s busy schedules in life, people are facing shortage of time and in such a situation driving for an hour or more to get prescription and then local pharmacy to buy desired medicines is picnic. Online pharmacy is an amazing way of obtaining desired medicine without leaving home and without visiting a doctor. If you need prescription refills often, you would benefit tremendously by ordering from an online pharmacy. You can order your prescription refills online at work or home and in only a few moments. It is shipped to you by mail, so you never have to leave the house!

Online pharmacy is a best option to the people who loves privacy. There are many diseases like mens health, womens health etc which people feel embarrassed to share with others. So, the online pharmacy can deliver them the required drugs confidentially.

For the best buy in prescription drugs, opt for generic medications from an online pharmacy. Generic drugs have the exactly same chemical makeup and active ingredients as their name brand counterparts, and work just as effectively, but cost much less. Generally, pharmaceutical companies are allowed to patent their drugs for a period of about 10 – 20 years, during which time you can only purchase the brand name drug. After that time, however, other pharmaceutical companies are also allowed to manufacture generic versions of the drug, at much less cost. If you are currently taking a brand name drug, it’s worth inquiring as to whether a generic version is available, and asking your doctor if the generic form would be equally effective for you.

Person currently taking a branded medication may consider asking your pharmacist and your doctor if a generic version of the medication is available to save you large medication costs without sacrificing effectiveness. Generic versions of popular and highly prescribed drugs are available al local pharmacy and online pharmacy. This is where online pharmacies rise and shine – often generic versions are available and contrasted with available brand name versions. Fulfilling your prescription via an online pharmacy is generally quite simple. Typically you or your doctor faxes your prescription to the online pharmacy of your choice.

Online pharmacy fills your prescription and ship or mails it to you in a discreet inconspicuously marked shipping package. Some online pharmacies offer either a free or a fee based medical consultation for those who cannot afford a regular doctor visit. This medical consultation typically consists of an online form you must complete and submit which is then reviewed by the specific online pharmacy’s licensed physicians. Upon doctor approval, the prescription is fulfilled and mailed to you the customer.

When many people hear the terms drug addiction and drug dependence, they automatically assume the meaning is the same. The American Society of Addiction Medicine confirms that these two terms are not the same. In fact, in a clinical environment, not understanding the differences in these two terms can be detrimental to effectively treating substance abuse.

Drug addiction is characterized by a behavior disorder where a person’s primary motivation is using their drug of choice. All the addict thinks about is getting his hands on and taking the drug. Drug addiction also involves biological changes that directly affect the brain. Drug addiction can have devastating consequences in a person’s life. The obsession for drugs can lead to loss of a job, relationships, and legal troubles. Common signs of addiction may include:

* Drug seeking (trying to get the drug through illegal means like going to multiple pharmacies.
* Craving
* Obsession with getting the drug
* Non-conventional usage (using the drug for pleasure or to become intoxicated)
* Problems functioning with a normal routine (becoming less productive, missing appointments)
* Legal problems
* Relationship problems

Detoxification can help put an end to the physical need, but the psychological hold of a drug is one reason an addict is never actually “cured.” Maintaining sobriety is a challenging, ongoing process.

Drug dependence refers to a situation where a person becomes physiologically dependent on a drug and must take it in order to function normally. If they are unable to take the drug for a period of time, the person goes through what is commonly known as withdrawal symptoms signaling dependence. They include:

* Sweating
* Chills
* Aches
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea

Drug dependence can also become the cause of certain psychological problems. Anxiety, trouble concentrating, depression can also be symptoms of drug dependence.
It is possible for a drug to produce symptoms of drug dependence without addiction. Examples of this include steroids, medications for depression, blood pressure medication and antihistamines. You may experience withdrawal reactions when you stop taking them, but you won’t have an overpowering need to continue taking the drug. Likewise some individuals are more likely to become addicted to drugs than others based on biological and psychological factors as well as social influences.

Different drugs produce different physical effects, but the symptoms of addiction are the same. Drug addiction is a complex problem that requires proper treatment, support and the right tools to help you regain control and enjoy a happier, sober life.

One of the benefits of internet is that it has changed human perceptions about some critical aspects of human behaviour. For example before the advent of internet, a delicate matter like drug prescription for sicknesses or other body well being are exclusively the handiwork of a professional pharmacist.

The good news is that these critical human challenges have been changed overnight with the emergence of internet; drugs can now be purchased effortlessly online at a very cheap rate. This idea is called discount pharmacy.

It is a discount pharmacy because it takes care of all health care needs at affordable rate and the best service is also guaranteed. That is to say all the trips to neighbourhood drug store with its attendance long queue will be a thing of the past.

According to a report, discount pharmacy comes into being because of the absence of drug price regulation in the American societies. The Americans were reported to be paying for drugs more that other countries. Because large pharmaceutical companies are not producing at cheaper rates and it is beyond the reach of a common man.

Consequently, the US consumers started looking outside the American pharmaceutical drug markets for cheaper alternatives. Then the online discount pharmacies started gradually to take over and to save people from the exorbitant pricing regime. It has been seen an easy alternative to buying drugs and at a cheaper price, but not without its own demerits.

Discount pharmacy may be the last saving grace for its large customers, but the question is “how regulated are the drugs coming out of the shelves of the discount pharmaceutical companies”? The answer to the question is for the drug control bodies to get involved in the selling business. Because the drug control bodies have the power to licence any discount pharmacy before going online.

Discount pharmacy, is useless if the quality of the drugs dispensed is of low quality or fake drug or scammer acting as a discount pharmacies. All the mentioned attributes can cast a doubt of credibility on discount pharmacy and therefore needs to be addressed before considering buying from a discount pharmacist.

To guard against this discrepancy, it is good to know the real physical address of a discount pharmacist and the address must be complete with a toll free number with a good and effective customer service in tow.

Another point is that a good discount pharmacy must have an email address and an evidence of being licensed to practice as a professional pharmacist or they are able to fulfil order through a licensed pharmacist.

Discount pharmacy must also state a privacy or disclosure policy, to know that the information relating to a buyer is secured or verification of the information so disclosed shall be subjected to further verifications. Otherwise spammers might be posing as a discount pharmacist.

Another major demerit is the time of delivery, which is often slow compared to a face to approach from a live pharmaceutical arrangement. Prescription verification methods is also an important, the approach of a discount pharmacy to prescriptions online is an important issues to be considered because a discount pharmacy that ship drugs online without a prescription cannot be seen as being compliant. Therefore if the shortcomings of discount pharmacies are taken care of, the next best thing is for the buyers to beware.